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Customers enjoy browsing through our catalogues.

VivaMK offers a wide range from Household, Garden,  Health & Beauty , Gifts, Eco  friendly and innovative products which can only purchased from your VivaMK Distributor.

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VivaMK HouseProud catalogue
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VivaMK You and Yours catalogue
VivaMK The Aromatherapy catalogue
VivaMK Catalogue Request Beauty Book
VivaMK Believe in you catalogue
VivaMK Catalogue Request Serenity
VivaMK Outdoor & Pets catalogue
VivaMK is Eco-friendly


VivaMK cares about our environment and our next generation's future.

Our essential household, cleaning and Beauty products are vegetarian / vegan friendly too.

VivaMK Basic Catalogue Products

The Basics

Basic Products at great prices.

No delivery charge.

No need to run to a supermarket, pay for parking or bus fees. Shop with your local Distributor .

VivaMK Wipeout Stain Remover


VivaMK offers innovative Products which are hard to find or only available at VivaMK.

Quality products.

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VivaMK Eco- and Vegan Friendly Products

VivaMK proudly presents

VivaMK presents Kleeneze branded products

Kleeneze branded household products.

VivaMK People friendly - Eco friendly

Three Years VivaMK and the journey continues 

VivaMK launched in June 2018, is a British owned company and based in the UK.

The first catalogue had  only 67 products and was launched in July 2018.

Within 2018 and 2021 the company has looked at the product quality and put this at their priority. Quality over quantity.

Since then Kleeneze branded products can be purchased from VivaMK Distributors and are exclusive to VivaMK.

VivaMK also brands themselves with their own product line. More than 40 products have been added to its own range.

More catalogues are due to be launched.

Some products have been reduced are on SALE now.

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If there is for any reason no local Distributor near you, an online catalogue will be send to you via Email.